Can’t Play Sophie’s Curse

I’m sorry but i can no longer play sophie’s curse due to i cannot find any screen recorder that can record the game. there are some lags. Which is not good at all. I really want to make horror videos but maybe sophie’s curse is not for me.


Making A Horror Video At Night?!

Well just imagine you are a youtuber, you need to make videos for subscribers. You got schedule but you forget it, and you remember it at nighttime. And that’s my situation. it’s night and i forgot to make videos at daytime. I’m so fuck up now!

And the horror game that you are going to play is a clicking horror game. And the face of the ghost is terrifying!

And You are going to make it at your room ALONE?!

It’s dark so silent.

Geez! I need to do this video even though that after these i’m going to have a NIGHTMARE?!

Hope you pray for my life.

How to make a website using wix Part 2 CC

I Finally Published the Part 2. After All that i research.

Now our main topic is about the mobile view of your future website.

you can add any widget to your website. (Only For Mobile)

 Here Are Some Widgets That The Mobile Users Only The One Who Can See:

– You can choose if your website will be Mobile friendly or not

– You can add the ‘back to top’ button. Where your visitors can press to instantly go to  the top of the page.

– You can add ‘Mobile Action Bar’ Where you can add:

   – Your Phone Number

   – Your Address

   – Your Email Address

   – Your Social Accounts