Happy Wheels #3 | A Porno?! | RG |

Hello guys today i recorded the part 3 of the happy wheels.
PS: Some of the content in this video is Censored.

Here we go guys another video! The Happy Wheels #3. Hope you like it.

i don’t know about that glitch, but it is a porno.


Can’t Play Sophie’s Curse

I’m sorry but i can no longer play sophie’s curse due to i cannot find any screen recorder that can record the game. there are some lags. Which is not good at all. I really want to make horror videos but maybe sophie’s curse is not for me.

Making A Horror Video At Night?!

Well just imagine you are a youtuber, you need to make videos for subscribers. You got schedule but you forget it, and you remember it at nighttime. And that’s my situation. it’s night and i forgot to make videos at daytime. I’m so fuck up now!

And the horror game that you are going to play is a clicking horror game. And the face of the ghost is terrifying!

And You are going to make it at your room ALONE?!

It’s dark so silent.

Geez! I need to do this video even though that after these i’m going to have a NIGHTMARE?!

Hope you pray for my life.